Deer Lake Place Neighborhood Profile

Located in the Deer Lake Place neighborhood is the Harwood Park, Deer Lake School, Douglas Road Elementary School, Gilpin Elementary School, Burnaby Central Secondary School.

The Deer Lake neighborhood of Burnaby is family friendly, 58% of the homes have children at home under 20 years of age. In the Deer Lake neighborhood of Burnaby, 84% of occupants own their own home and about 64% of the homes in the Deer Lake neighborhood were constructed before 1981.

The Deer Lake neighborhood has a diverse work force – more than 53% of the labour force for the Deer Lake neighborhood consists of occupations in the sales & service, sciences, manufacturing & utilities, trades, transport, operators industries.

The Deer Lake Place neighborhood of Burnaby features some of the most central & best family neighborhoods, with several streets being quiet treed cul-de-sacs and feature some of the more desirable and higher-end mix of single family homes. Buyers will find an appealing mix rancher styles residences, midsize homes and larger contemporary homes with all the modern luxuries.

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The MLS® HPI (Home Price Index) Benchmark Price represents the current expected sales price for a typical or “Benchmark” home in the Deer Lake Place neighbourhood of Burnaby.

The MLS® HPI takes into consideration what averages and medians do not – variables such as lot size, age, number of rooms, etc. The most commonly traded set of these variables describes the composite of the typical or ‘benchmark’ property type in the Deer Lake Place neighbourhood of Burnaby. Prices paid for homes with these variables determine benchmark home prices.

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